A creative and IT literate, Music Technology graduate with skills in problem solving, team working, communication and experience in a wide variety of programming languages for web and desktop applications. Now looking for a job as an IT specialist.


PearPC VirtualBox Gui

Pearpc VirtualBox Gui is a user interface for the PowerPC emulator PearPC. It is based on Sun's Virtualbox. It eases the creation of config files for PearPC and allows different instances to be saved and launched with a single click from within the program and through desktop shortcuts created within the app itself.

"At last we have some decent and up to date tool to manage that obscure PearPC config file. That will almost kill 90% of the "help" section of this forum, which is surely a good thing. Thank you" - ElGuillermo (PearPC.net forum admin)


Ramalley.co.uk - External Site

Ramalley.co.uk is a website for a local pre-school. it is written in ASP with features allowing parents login and easy uploading of photos and Letters.

GlaxoSmithKline Pitch

The final assignment in my third year multimedia module for my degree involved dealing with a 'real-world' customer. The customer chosen for our group was the large pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. We were asked to pitch them new ideas for multimedia for their website. Much of it will be implemented when they next redesign their site. I was responsible fully for the flash game and the healthcare resources pages and partly for the other pages in the pitch.

Some links are unavailable due to confidentiality agreements

Ramalley.co.uk - Authoring tools Example

A set of tools created for the owner of Ramalley pre-school. Allowing them to edit the ever changing elements of the page without any knowledge of html.